Skin in the game

We handle the Risk, you get the Fun.

Why stake with us?

High Performance hardware

You already took the risk by being an early adopter, be safe and have fun with our 128GB of RAM, 6 Cores, 2TB NVMe drives rock solid server. Hosted in a High Availability Environment, DDoS protected within a Tier 3+ DataCenter in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Although the requirements to run a Radix validator are far less demanding than our chassis specs, we fully dedicate our server to run the Radix node with all hardware limitations lifted to guarantee full performance and maximum uptime with Security being a top priority and focus.

Network and Security

Redundant 10G Up Link, DDoS Protected, Managed firewall protection, Managed intrusion detection and prevention, Disaster Recovery Plan, Locked Rack and Space with 24/7 monitoring.

Dedicated Team

We are a team of two with a passion for crypto technologies, programming and horizontal governance.
Our skills are complemental : a developer and an infrastructure engineer with more than 30 years of combined experience in infrastructure management, Distributed systems’ deployment and software engineering. We want to use the Radix technology to build a one of a kind project (we keep it under wraps for now). Staking with us might give you special advantages and rewards 😉. We have been part of the first 100 proposals selected by the Radix team to run a validator for the full two months of the Betanet testing.


We operate out of a Tier 3+ Data Center located in Amsterdam the Netherlands. This is not an AWS, a GCP location or any other cloud provider - We have full control over our hardware, remain Independent and bring more diversity to the Radix Network and Ecosystem.

Ram advantage

When the Radix network is under heavy load, the validators will require sipkes in RAM capacity. By having an oversized RAM we will handle those spikes gracefully without having to swap to disk like regular validators. This also protects our node from memory leaks, giving us and the Radix team more time to address any issues while maintaining uptime.

Our validator address with low fee of 1.96% :


NorNof goes live on Babylon Mainnet

September 2023

NorNof goes live on Radix Olympia Mainnet

July 2021

NorNof goes live on Radix Olympia Stokenet

July 2021

NorNof goes live on Radix Olympia Betanet

April 2021